Saturday, April 19, 2014


Promotional tours and events & Eurovision. This year the starts have been socializing more than ever before it seems and when in Copenhagen some of them must know each other already quite well. Maybe. It's always nice to see some group photos of the artists like school kids, Class of '14 indeed. Besides several meetings and face-to-face across Europe there are three main events. Most of all already cemented Eurovision in concert in Amsterdam where 25 of this year's entrants got together. Then followed London Eurovision Party with 12 of them. This Sunday once again six of them are together in Moscow - luckily time is running out or next weekend there would be a lonely threesome somewhere in Europe.... The Russian preview party seems something new to the scene, but when it also headlines some of the county's biggest names as guest stars it is apparently broadcasted on various TV stations and getting huge media coverage. Maybe.
Sammarinese Valentina Monetta becomes the only one doing another triplet (Eurovision 2012-13-14) and being present in all of them, while ten countries decided to skip all these promo events: Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Hungary, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Italy. Time will tell if these events have any real impact in the outcome or are they just great fun and fuss for the fans.....

Eurovision in Concert - Amsterdam - Melkweg, April 5, 2014
The Shin & Mariko (Georgia), Dilara Kazimova (Azerbaijan), Cristina Scarlat (Moldova), Carl Espen (Norway), Aarzemnieki (Latvia), Freaky Fortune feat RiskyKidd (Greece), Paula Seling & Ovi (Romania), Molly (UK), Axel Hirsoux (Belgium), Twin Twin (France), Suzy (Portugal), Ruth Lorenzo (Spain), Basim (Denmark), Vilija (Lithuania), Sergej Cetkovic (Montengero), Firelight (Malta), The Common Linnets (NL), Teo (Belarus), Maria Yaremchuk (Ukraine), Aram Mp3 (Armenia), Sebalter (Switzerland), Tijana (Macedonia), Valentina Monetta (San Marino), Hersi Matmuja (Albania), Conchita Wurst (Austria).
With special guests Frizzle Sizzle and Emmelie De Forest.

London Eurovision Party - London - Cafe De Paris, April 13, 2014
Molly (UK), Ruth Lorenzo (Spain), Carl Espen (Norway), Freaky Fortune feat RiskyKidd (Greece), Paula Seling & Ovi (Romania), Aram Mp3 (Armenia), Maria Yaremchuk (Ukraine), Suzy (Portugal), Conchita Wurst (Austria), Valentina Monetta (San Marino), Sergej Cetkovic (Montenegro), Sebalter (Switzerland)
With special guests Anne Marie David, Marcin Mrozinski, Scott Fitzgerard, Sarbel

Russian Preview Party - Moscow - Restaurant Karlsson. April 20, 2013
Mei Finegold (Israel), Teo (Belarus), Valentina Monetta (San Marino), Dilara Kazimova (Azerbaijan), Cristina Scarlat (Moldova), Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia)
Special guests a string of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Eurovision stars Philipp Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan, Alex Sparrow, Svetlana Loboda, t.A.T.u, Dimitri Koldun...
The party will attract a large number of Russian and foreign media and will be shown on several Russian speaking TV channels in a number of former Russian countries, like First Channel, Channel Russia, Moscow 24, HTB, TV Rain, RT Russia Today and MTV Russia. Other media present for the show includes Radio Love, OK Magazine which is one of the most popular weekly celebrity magazines, newspapers and web media.More media than fans then.

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