Monday, April 21, 2014


Sebastiano Pàu-Lessi (28 aka Sebalter), from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland will sing in Copenhagen his Hunter of stars. A song composed with cellphone during a coast to coast in the States. This singer-songwriter and fiddler started his solo career a couple of years ago after being in hardrock band The Stalkers and then after in The Vad Vuc, a folk rock band. He started playing classical music and violin at the age of 6, so he's a multi instrumentalist, as he plays also guitar and bass.  He's currently working on his debut solo album.
Robert: The Swiss preselection was not so interesting this year. Lots of ok songs where none really stood out. And thats a pity, because would it not have been great if Switzerland would win this year so that we can celebrate 60 years of Eurovision next year in the first country where Eurovision wa staged? With Sebaltar, a sympathetic looking man, the Swiss will certainly not bring back the trophy. To me personally, this is not even a song for the final. I had a slight preference for the Italian song La luce delcuore by Nino Colonna.
Blogilkar: Switzerland's national final was rather mediocre this year. Out of the songs that made it to the final Sebalter was my clear favorite, along with Yasina Hunzinger and I still believe and indeed they finished in top-2. My only oncern is the rather chaotic live performances by Sebalter. If he gets it all right and under control when it matters he might qualify. The song is happy, very catchy and has a certain wider appeal. But Switzerland hasn't been very lucky with the televoting recently.....

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