Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Malta had its usual pretty good selection of Eurovision tunes and finally the Micallef clan took home the trophy! Richard Micallef aka Richard Edwards fronts Firelight that includes sister Michelle and also his brothers Daniel in acoustic guitar and Wayne, who joins this Eurovision adventure as a backing singer. The brothers plus Michelle formed the group The Mics that took part in 2003 and 2005. In 2011 Richard was already a runner up with Finally and last year he tried with Fall like Rome. But now it's all about Firelight and Coming home.
Robert: Malta for a change had a really strong preselection with many good songs this year that did not sound as amateur demos anymore. Firelight was my number 2 to win the Maltese ticket so I'm quite happy about it. Its a great song and done by really good singers. I expect them to do well: Certainly final and most probably top 10. My personal favourite to win the Maltese preselection however was De Bee's Pin the middle because it was so sweet, positive and original. 
Blogilkar: I had quite a few songs I like in Malta this year, including above mentioned De Bee. But I have had a soft spot for Micallef brothers for years and I really like Wayne's song. He keeps changing surname but his voice and music are beautiful. Some kind of wonderful is great and I'm very happy he has joined the family affair in Copenhagen and will be also on stage. Finally! This said I also like Coming home and propably it will do very well in Copenhagen - despite the number one slot in running order.

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