Saturday, April 26, 2014


Italy didn't use Sanremo festival this year to choose their entrant. They just took the best selling female artist of 2013 and sent her. An example for the other countries, please follow suit! Emma Marrone (29) has a background a bit like Laura Pausini: musician father, singing with him standards, then some event that changed it all. For Laura it was Sanremo, for Emma a reality show, so much more 2000's. That came after years of different bands and projects. Since then it has been a string of #1 albums, winning Sanremo and even having four #1 hits in Italy and a countless number of awards and nominations. Now she's ready to conquer European and Latin markets as well. She has written herself her entry La mia città.
Robert: An Italian rock chick is coming to Eurovision stage. It took me a bit but I really love it now. I hope she does well and that an entry like this pays off. She was a guest at the National final of Germany and there I must say, I was not too thrilled with her performance. She seemed nervous and you could hear it in her voice. But if she feels great on stage, she is playful and knows how to manage the public and then it immediately sounds much and much better. Lets hope she feels good on the Eurovision stage.
Blogilkar:  Italy is taking things serious, an example the other Big5 should consider. For the second year in a row they send their top selling artist with huge fan following in social medias. This helps also the marketing at homesoil where Eurovision isn't yet as big as in other countries due to the long absense (among other things). I was expecting something like this from Emma, but liked this one from the start anyways and now with full line up it seems even a better choice! Italy should continue their top-10 string easily, if only Emma gets her axct together and is made to know where she is and how Eurovision works. Luckily she will have backing singer(s) in Copenhagen as the song needs it! Most likely she will follow Gianna Nannini to the German speaking markets, and she has already an album ready in Spanish for the Latin market. The next Italian international superstar?

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