Sunday, April 20, 2014


Katri Helena has been succesful for 50 years already and she has sold nearly 2  million albums in Finland, collected 17 gold, 4 platinum and 1 double platinum albums, but she has never been one to put the top of the charts on fire - her only #1 album is from the 1970's and her last top-3 from 1995. But now she enter with her new and 32nd studio album Taivaan tie, (listen here) her first in three years straight at number 3, just behind Tuomas Holopainen (of Nightwish) and Kaija Koo, who also enter the charts with their new ones. Here are her charting albums since 1995:

1995 Vie minut (3.)
1998 Missä oot (33.)
2003 Sydämen laulut (compilation) (15.)
2004 Tässä tällä hetkellä (13.)
2006 Elämän langat (10.)
2009 Tulet aina olemaan (14.)
2011 Valon maa (5.)
2012 Sinivalkoinen (compilation) (18.)
2014 Taivaan tie (3. so far)

She has got additional gold disc for Leidit lavalla, an album and tour she did with Marion Rung, Lea Laven and Paula Koivuniemi in 2000. Another double platinum album for Vain elämää, reality TV show that was also a #1 album in Finland in 2012 along with Jari Sillanpää, Kaija Koo, Cheek, Erin, Neumann and Jonne Aaron. in 2011 also a musical was made out of her life. It could be long time since Poikien kuvat but the lady is still going strong!

PS. Interesting that the top-3 is fully Eurovision related. Nightwish as well as Johanna Kurkela, who sings this song by Tuomas (besides being his girlfriend) both tried to get to Eurovision, Kaija Koo was ment to sing Never the end originally, and was backing Kirka in 1984. And Katri Helena of course represented Finland twice, in 1979 and 1993.

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