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April 6, 1974 a historic moment was relived in the Eurovision song contest. ABBA won at The Dome in Brighton. It changed the contest and started the international career of one of the most influencal and succesful pop bands ever. Like them or not, you can still hum several of their big hits. Those hits will relive again this Sunday again in Brighton's Dome marking the 40th anniversary of that date. Join writer, performer and life-long ABBA fanatic Christopher Green for a unique opportunity to remake ABBA’s historic Eurovision Song Contest win on the very spot it happened, 40 years to the day. Christopher will also be joined by Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, who'll be delivering their unique take on ABBA's repertoire. In this party performance lecture celebrating ABBA and their momentous triumph, you’ll discover more about the history of the group and their cultural significance, experience their finest moments on film, and witness some extraordinary cover versions of the songs that didn’t scoop the coveted prize that year. Wearing Napoleon’s get-up and channelling his inner Katie Boyle, Christopher will welcome special guests, and he needs your help reliving the moment pop music changed forever.
And if you're in the party mood but want to make the night extra special, costumers Gladrags will be at your service to provide you with 70's gear on the night for a £30 cash deposit, and cocktails will be available from the bar.
This party performance lecture will also feature this year's San Marino Eurovision entry Valentina Monetta, Martha & Eve and The Martini Encounter. More info here.

The rumor is all the songs in the 1974 will be performed by the guests: 

1. Finland - Carita Hollström - Keep me warm (13th)
2. United Kingdom - Olivia Newton-John - Long live love (4th)
3. Spain - Perez - Canty y sé feliz (9th)
4. Norway -  Anne-Karine Strøm feat. Bendik Simgers - The first day of love (14th)
5. Greece - Marinella - Krasi, Thalassa Kai T' Agori Mou (11th)
6. Israel - Poogy - Natati la khayay (7th)
7. Yogoslavia - Korni Grupa - Moja generacija (12th)
8. Sweden - ABBA - Waterloo (1st)
9. Luxembourg - Ireen Sheer - Bye, bye I love you (4th)
10. Monaco - Romuald - Celui que reste et celui qye s'en va (4th)
11. Belgium - Jacques Hustin - Fleur de liberté (9th)
12. Netherlands - Mouth and McNeal - I see a star (3rd)
13. Ireland - Tina Reynolds - Cross your heart (7th)
14. Germany - Cindy & Bert - Die Sommermelodie (14th)
15. Switzerland - Piera Martelli - Mein Ruf nach dir (14th)
16. Portugal - Paulo De Carvalho - Et depois do adeus (14th)
17. Italy - Gigliola Cinquetti - Si (2nd)

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