Saturday, March 19, 2016


The Heads od delegation meeting is over in Stockholm and now Christer Björkman and SVT's team have all the material they need to work on the running order and staging of the entries the best possible way in Globen next May. 
"Now we have all the material from the 43 entries and have big creative meetings where we go through every single song and detail and also the technology, the colors and the patterns of graphics we should have. We go through every detail. There is a clear Måns effect with a lot of technology to be used. There are a lot of projections and different kinds of help with technology needed to give the act a stronger impact. You want to approach a music video of thinking rather than just ask a performer on stage" Björkman says. 
But there is at least one country that is going strongly against the trend: Sweden itself.  Frans staging is minimal and stripped down compared to Måns Zelmerlöw's last year. 
"It's interesting. We've put a lot of effort in the staging for the past five years and have been a pioneer in many things. To maintain this position we must also be the first to move on. We really do it with Frans. If it is a miss or a stroke of genius remains to be seen. I'm very proud and impressed at how the Swedish people voted in Melodifestivalen. The jury backed Oscar and Frans, who are both courageous acts, and that they do it, I can understand. It's their job to find comtemporary acts of 2016. But that the people voted also these two progressive contributions to first and second place is impressive and really cool!"

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