Monday, March 14, 2016


She's no longer chameleon nor invincible. She'll be walking on water like Edsilia Rombley and someone else back in the day. This is so wrong in so many ways.
Ok, there was an option in the Maltese national final that the winner could change the song afterwards, but then why did they bother at all? Why have a national final if it served only to pick up the singer? And if that was the purpose why wasn't it made very clear from the beginning? Why the artists in that case had to sing new unreleased songs, potential Eurovision entries if it was to be changed anyways? Why couldn't they just sing an old hit or a cover to showcase their talents at maximum? Why on earth did Ira Losco have TWO songs? Again, if Maltese broadcaster wanted her so bad why didn't they just have a selection with her and drop the whole national final thing? Why-ay-ay-ay?
If I were one of the other 18 competing artists in the Malta Eurovision song contest 2016 I would feel very cheated and mislead. They should all stand up and protest next year. Let them just have an internal selection and that's it.
The new song was selected among ten songs, incuding the original winner Chameleon (Invincible) and those were judged by an international jury. That feels so much of cheating. And wrong in so many levels that I am hoping that Malta will drop out in the semifinal. Justice! 
This whole farce of selection beats even Belarusian behaviour in the past. And that's something indeed!
And yes, you guessed it. It's a song made in Sweden.....
Anyways, the new song will be premiered this Friday. Let's see how the public and fan wan reaction will be..... 

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