Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Israel's selection has been goin on for months and about half the population has been in the auditions and we have had young ones and old ones, drag queens and soldiers and everything in between. Now finally they are only four left. And curiously only three songs! Israel, once the Eurovision superpower has been struggling in the past years but last year's success has filled them with new pride and boosted the spirits and this year they are aiming for another final and topping last year's 9th place with Golden boy.
The final takes place this Thursday and we have Ella Daniel (born in Azerbaijan but living in Israel since she was 2), 20-year old soldier Gil Hadash who claims she has never watched Eurovision - boy is she in for a surprise should she win! Hovi Star is already a bit known. He sings the same song that 17-year-old Nofar Salman does. The gossip is Hovi wanted to sing his own song but that wasn't ok with the contest's committee and had to pick up another one. The same that Nofar had already picked from the shortlisted entries! Their arrangements are however different. 

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