Monday, March 14, 2016


Oh, I already forgot this. It's just what I thought they would do when it was said months ago Tele2 Arena will be somehow involved with the show this year. While the next door Globen is sold out and the Eurovision song contest 2016 final is on air Tele2 will be filled with fans watching it on 300 m2 screen, with live feed from the backstage with Sanna Nielsen who will be also in the greenroom. Likes of Eurovision winners Carola and Loreen will entertain the people before the show, and the after show will surely feature many a contestant. Even the Swedish jury votes will be delivered from the Tele2. The only kick up: One must be 20 years old to attend.... Tickets go on sale this Friday at More info here.
Free for all public viewing will be available at Eurovision Village, while accredited can also watch it at EuroClub

18.00 Doors open
19.30 Show on stage with Carola, Loreen, Danny Saucedo, Panetoz etc
21.00 Live show on megascreen
00.30 Afterparty
04.00 Party's over

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