Saturday, March 05, 2016


Poland is back with a national final and already Margaret is among the favorites to win in Stockholm - before she has even won in Poland! Also 1994 runner up Edyta Górniak is back and if you ask fans its between these two. But also Natalia isn't bad. And it seems Margaret isn't exactly great with live vocals. Something Edyta has no problem with. Ths is going to be interesting!
Ridiculously also Napoli is here after they failed to win in Belarus. Pathetic.

Natalia Szroeder - Lustra
Edyta Górniak - Grateful
Taraka - In the rain
Alexandra Gintrowska - Missing
Michal Szpak - Color of your life
Margaret - Cool me down
Kasia Mos - Addiction
Dorota Osinska - Universal
Napoli - My universe

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