Thursday, March 03, 2016


Israel has been running its Rising star for months and four stars have risen this high. Tonight they will sing for the first time their eventual entries, too. There are four artists in the running but only three songs as Hovi and Nofar will fight over the same song, and I prefer Nofar's oriental take on it. Ella seems to the favorite and this blogger can't but think of Italian Noemi with that voice!
The voting is only by App.
Hovi Star - Made of stars 
(Doron Medalie)
Nofar Salman - Made of stars
 (Doron Medalie)
Ella Daniel - Somebody out there 
(David Maman, Phillip Hayun)
Gil Hadash - Follow the sun 
(Stav Beger, Tom Gefen)

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