Thursday, June 22, 2017


Uptight was Stevie Wonder's 12th single and released in 1965 and became a #3 hit in the US. It's from his sixth album and he was only 15. His career was in danger - despite having scored already one #1 with Fingertips - as his voice was changing and his musical direction was considered a bit uncommercial by Gordy. Wonder toured with The Rolling Stones and was inspired by their (I can't get no) Satisfaction and the result is Uptight, even if it does sound very much like Motown as well. 
Sylvia Moy tells: On the day of the recording, I had completed the lyrics, but didn't have them in Braille for Wonder to read, and so I sang the song to him as he was recording it. I sang a line ahead of him, and he simply repeated the lines as he heard them. In 2008, Moy commented that "he never missed a beat" during the recording. That's how Motown magic was done those days. 

Cover version include Human Nature, Glee

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