Saturday, June 24, 2017


It's been 40 years since France, once the superpower of Eurovision song contest, won. It's been ten years since they last had a real proper national selection (you can hardly say the 2014 affair was one). With new energetic Head of Delegation and two fairly succesful attempt both with results and commercially they are ready to launch a proper national final for 2018. With the new found popularity among the audience as well, hopefully that reflects also to the artists!
The call is now open to anyone to send in a song as long as it is unreleased and unpublished before September 1, and has no more than four writers (good, enough of those "international song writing camp" entries!) and they all belong to the local SACEM. And at least 70% of the lyrics are in French. 
Just to help the Edoardo to invite artists, and remind these artists of the opportunity I have gathered here a few, just names that came to my mind once I sat down to think about it for a moment.... and they are many! France would have so much to give if they only want to; new and old, experienced and new talents, all genres... s'il vous plaît!
Click on the names for their latest offerings:

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