Thursday, June 08, 2017


Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary as independent country in 2017 and one of the hundreds if not thousends official events is the Hula hula challenge. Come midsummer eve, the whole of Finland (and not only as groups of people have entered the game abroad as well from the United States to Colombia, Greece and Spain) will be dancing Hula hula at the same time and make a new world record! YLE has created a great fuss around the Hula Hula Suomi event and even an alternative video was made based on the participant videos. If only the same effort was used for UMK.....
Join the fun on Friday June 23 and learn the choreograhy. YLE1 is broadcasting Hula Hula Suomi all evening from 5pm til 10.15pm live from all over Finland. The biggest Midsummer party ever!

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