Sunday, June 04, 2017


Let's have a look again what the aertists have been up to lately....
Amir is enjoying success with OneRepublic's No vacancy but enjoys some time at the beach, too
... while Alma gives birth to her debut album.....
Ilinca also enjoys the sun & sea

... as does Demy.....
... and Lindita.
Hovig's been busy with Katerina Stikoudi @ Madwalk....
... and @ Pride Nikosia
How many Estonian Eurovision stars can you spot tributing George Michael?
 Fusedmarc got some awesome promotional photos taken. Finally.
Jimmie keeps travelling & performing....
Krista did Budapest
Tamara celebrated international kids' day
Triana Park got a sponsored car by Ford to go from gig to gig and cross the line
Francesca is pretty as flower among flowers while working on new music
Lucie is pretty working on another Red Carpet....
Svala is getting Blissful while recording new music.....
Jowst is back to studio with Alexander, too 
Francesco sold album gold with Magellano
Artsvik got pretty flowers to forget her disappointment
Kristian also celebrated international kids' day
Levina released the video for her new single Stop right there and met Ted
... and Imri is still enjoying the beach!

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