Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Nicolas Burioni from San Marino, aka Lo Strego from the latest Amici edition offers as an ironic take on summer hits and making fun of stereotypes in the video filled with "butts and palm trees" as he puts it and all the other clichés of music videos.
In the lyrics he sings about needing a summer hit, a number one hit that talks about sun, heart, love and the Caribbean because the rent in Via del Corso  is so high and time goes by and as we know, time is money. He nods to Roma-Bangkok - the megahit of summer 2015 - and urges us to use his Mastercard to make him climb the charts. 
Apparently he did it as then in the last lines he wonders if anyone will ever listen to him, remember him, the one summer hit wonder.... A very tongue in cheek and not at least offensive, this could become the summer hit. Maybe. As they say in in his native San Marino. 

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