Thursday, June 01, 2017


When you are riding high on success, everyone wants to be part of it. If Belgium - like so many other countries - may have been struggling to get big names taking part in the Eurovision, a few years of success has changed it all. After the success of new, fresh and rather unknown talents of Loic Nottet, Laura Tesoro and Blanche most every Eurovision wannabe of the yesteryears is lining up now from Natalia to Kate Ryan, from Gene Thomas to Isabelle A, De Romeo's, Belle Perez and Ozark Henry, most adding "if the song is right". 
Peter van de Vleire however revealed VRT will be delecting once again internally and this blogger thinks they might stick to the young, fresh and new talent formula instead. (Something like Emma Bale for example!) Maybe they should, too, judging the videos below.... But then who knows? Maybe Kate Ryan does deserve a new chance after her 2006 disaster?

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