Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Samira Saïd (or Bensaid) has a career going on for over 40 years already. After being a child star she also got the honors to be the first (and so far last) Moroccan entrant in the Eurovision song contest 1980 when she was 18. Her song Bitaqat hub was way too exotic back then but this blogger remember loving it to bits. Coming second to last didn't harm her career in the Arab music world where she has been on top ever since and selling over 50 million records, more than any other female artist in the Arab world. Nearly 50 albums have been released and over 500 songs recorded but one thing remains: her voice. Another thing remains, too: her beauty and doll like features without one wrinkle.... Some ladies just get prettier with age, don't they?
Anyways, her latest single and album Mazal earned her a few World music awards to ad to her previous 40 or so trophies and awards over the years in the Arab world. Here is the remix of Mazal. It seems she has signed a deal to record more this kind of Arab disco and who knows maybe she will cross over to the Western market like late Ofra Haza did ages ago with Im nin'alu and Galbi?
(*For those too young to remember she had one of the biggest hits of the year 1988 in the world that kick started her international career leading to collaborations all over the world until her way too early death in 2000 at only 42 years old).

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