Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Patrick Fiori's  career kick started with the Eurovision 1993 when this Corsican-Armenian young talent sung for France his love for Mama Corsica. Despite becoming respectable 4th he still didn't set the charts on fire. A hit musical Notre Dame de Paris followed with #1 single Belle and since then he has been among the top male singers in France with succesful collaborations with Jean Jacques Goldman (who also made Céline Dion in France for real). Earlier this year he released his ninth studio album Choisir, that reached #2 in France and charted also in Belgium and Switzerland. The lead single of the album was Elles and now he has also released the second one featuring Tommy, J'espère que tu vas bien.  You can also enjoy a little look back to his 20 years in business here, and yes, Eurovision is mentioned! This blogger has always been very fond if this little older Fiori-Goldman collaboration: 4 mots sur un piano. Another #1 hit by the way.

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