Sunday, July 20, 2014


Eurovision 2008 winner Russian Dima Bilan has grown a beard, maybe inspired by Ms Wurst? and has released yet another single Bolyen toboy that apparently translates to Addicted to you. Or Sick of you. He also shows us how he brushes his teeth and drives a (sponsored) car among other things. The song isn't bad, I rather enjoy it. But it's nothing original or memorable either, a perfect summer ear worm that won't propaby figure high on his resumè later on. In fact it's just like every other song on RU TV music channel that I have now pleasure of having among my cable channels at home. It's quite amazing how every song and video is in the same genre and sounds pretty much the same really. Fascinating! This was played there the other day and I did notice it playing while doing something else elsewhere but only because I recognized his voice..... that is always a pleasure to listen to when passed though studio mics as I do have a soft spot for Dima, unlike most of Eurovision fans it seems.
But whatever happened to Alien24 project? 

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elina said...

Alien 24 is going to be released in early september, and bolen toboy is a beautiful summer hit..look at Malish it's very unique!!

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