Saturday, July 12, 2014


Giorgia again. The winner of OGAE Video 2012 contest with È l'amore che conta (but she did represent Italy in Video contest the year before, too, and in OGAE Song contest already in 2003 as well) returns to OGAE contests with Quando una stella muore the first single off her latest album Senza paura (followed by I will pray (Pregherò) in duet with Alicia Keys, Non mi ami and Io fra tanti so far). She has collected also a triplet of Sanremo trophies: winner in 1995 with Come saprei, third in 1996 with Strano il mio destino and second in 2001 with Di sole e d'azzurro. This blogger is only waiting, whishing and hoping she would do Eurovision some time soon! Some other favorite songs by this Roman singer include E poi, Marzo , Gocce di memoria and Il mio giorno migliore.She may be tiny as a person but her voice is huge. If she was American she would give a run of their vocal cords to likes of certain Célines, Cristinas and Beyonces, not to mention late Whitney.
So, Italy is all set to continuing its good run in the OGAE Song contest with Giorgia's Quando una stella muore, when a star dies.... 
The Italian selection included 18 songs that were first voted by two juries; one Italian and one Iinternational and top-2 from both went to the super final of four. The Italians favored Elisa and Giorgia followed by Arisa and Cesare Cremonini while the International jury went for Arisa and Noemi followed by Elisa and Giorgia. But in the superfinal Giorgia beats the other ladies clearly with 19 votes (each Italian only voter had one vote) when Elisa gets 12, Arisa 10 and Noemi 6. (Full results here in Italiano) And you can listen to all songs here.

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