Saturday, July 19, 2014


Cyprus has confirmed a return to Eurovision after one year of absence. And instead of an internal selection or one night only national final they are planning a long, long procedure that fans have already labeled Melodifestivalen-esque. There will be audition shows, semifinals, second chance round and of course the grand final. But after all that there will be only four songs in the final. The good thing is that Cyprus takes lead from Finland and the same rule apply: At least one of the writers must be a Cypriot (and probably the same goes for the lead singer, like in Finland?) 
Cyprus joined the Eurovision in 1981 and has failed to participate or willingly not taken part only in three occasions: 1988, 2001 and 2014. They have scored 5th place (their best) three times: Anna Vissi's Mono i agapi (1982), Hara & Andreas Konstantinou's Mana mou (1997) and fabulous Lisa Andreas with Stronger every minute (2004). This blogger welcomes Cyprus back with open arms, they have sent many favorites along the years.... 

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