Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Sanna Nielsen has released her new album simple titled 7. No, it's not her seventh album or even seventh studio album. It marks her seventh attempt to win Melodifestivalen! Obviously it includes her Melodifestivalen winner and Eurovision 3rd placed Undo, that also charted nicely in Sweden (#1), Denmark (#5), Finland (#7), Switzerland (#11), Austria (#12) and entered the Top-40 also in Germany, UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Time will tell if she manages to pull off a follow up from it. meanwhile let's listen a couple of nice bossanova and hard rock covers of Undo by Smoke Ring Sisters and My Remorse. ISA takes a more similar take on the same. As does Ending Sequence. And so does Wendy van MarenUtbryggarna go for a soul version. But Sanna herself does it best, no doubt about that with her heartfelt interpretation. 
The album includes 8 songs, including also Rainbow, Ready and also an acoustic edit of Undo. Sadly, none of the rather nice dance remixes of the same is included. 
The album is a step to a more modern and interntional sound so goodbye to schlager-Sanna as we have known her (All about love being closest to that) . Unfortunately Undo sticks out as the highlight of the album and the rest feels like the writers and producers have fished a bit too much from the same pool. An album filled with similar midtempo ballads with or without added drama turns rather uninteresting quickly despite Sanna being a world class vocalist. You first loved me could become a classic with its country and even gospel undertones and is maybe the best song on the album with Undo. Or has the time of these Disneylike American big ballads gone? It could easily be done also likes by Bette Midler or Celine Dion....
All this said a good 4/5.:-)

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