Friday, January 14, 2011

Italy: Nathalie out, Sanremo winner in?

The director of RAI2 Massimo Liofredi talked today about Eurovision amongst other things in an interview at Davide Maggio's blog. First a bit about his relation with music: "Music is life. My father was a singer with Beniamino Gigli. Music was a culture at 360 degrees and it has helped me a lot in life. Today I move from opera to rock, to pop. I feed myself with music all the time. It's also the reason I took this job as a promoter of Eurovision after another director in RAI asked me what do I think about it. I was all for it instantly." Sounds like we have found the right guy in RAI finally! And then who's going to represant Italy in its return? "If I could choose personally I would send Marco Mengoni. But there's a special jury that will decide on that linked with Sanremo. It could be the winner of Sanremo or someone else. This is a beautiful return to a great international event, we want to be at the top of it." 
Historically it would be great to have the winner of Sanremo again in Eurovision, me thinks. But after this interview I am much more confident in the Italian effort and that this time it won't be one off nonsense but they are back for good! And willing to win, too. Evviva!
As for Nathalie, she has just confirmed concerts in May during Eurovision so it looks very unlikely she is even considering/considered for the job. Shame.

Italy has previously sent the winning song from Sanremo to Eurovision in 1956-1966 and 1972. In 1967-1969, 1987, 1989, 1993 and 1997 the winning artists went to Eurovision with another song. In the 1970's the Eurovision artists had usually won some other national festival while in the 1980's the singer had done often well in Sanremo the previous year, or in some other national festival and the same seemed to be case in 1990 and 1992 when both Toto Cutugno and Mia Martini came second in Sanremo that year. Did the winner i Pooh and Luca Barbarossa turn down the offer?

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