Saturday, May 06, 2017


Joci is sporting the gipsy look we already know from the national final, and the dancing girl goes around him while he's pretty static behind him microphone and then playing his milk drum and the lonely violinist on the island. The colors are warm orange. But then he engages with the dancer into a dance while fireworks erupt all around before the rap and everything turns blue. The desperate girl throws away her scarf and falls to the floor in despair - of love I hope, not for his rapping that I like - but it's all good for the final. All turns lovely red and love is all around when he takes her hand and she dances around happily and in the end they are united. Love conquers all. I love the song,
This is one of my top favorites but I have an impression something is missing. The sparkle? Hopefully he finds it in time. 

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