Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Where to start? I'm trying to compose myself from the disaster I just witnessed moments ago. One country left to announce and yet no Finland, and then there comes ... Belgium! Ok, I had it in my qualifier list as well and it was a big pre-comtest favorite but I was still hoping it would be Finland instead.

The other ones out.... Georgia was just dull and she appears to be singing well but I find it just screaming and forced. Question of taste. And did I mention the song is so dull and unoriginal? Same goes for Albania. A mess of a song like I have said before and Lindita looked scared and missed notes here and there and she should fire her stylist to start with, and follow with the make up artist.  But that's just my opinion and question of style. If she likes that, good for her. Montenegro didn't hit any notes - I still don't understand why they didn't do Sweden and have someone sing every his line and let him mime? It could have done wonders. But the choreography was a bit over the top anyways for average viewer in most parts of Europe I suppose. Still love the song though.
Iceland goes with Georgia and Albania, unoriginal and very long three minutes, and wrong styling. Czech Republic never had a change to start with really (and it's not her fault). Latvia was just maybe too chaotic in the end, and too weird for a general tv- viewer. 
That leaves us Finland and Slovenia, that did it all right and yet.... But all this said, this was a very hard semi like I have said before and this post is just to let out some fire and frustration pin pointing what I didn't like in the others (sorry for that!) 
Sweden did a good job - and that moment during a recap when you get up and walk to the toilet like if you were one of them... I may have laughed aloud myself! Portugal was magical, touching and my Facebook went crazy from friends & collegues not knowing the songs before falling in love with it. It could indeed challenge Italy next Saturday. 
Greece did a good job on screen, so did Moldova. If I have to pick up one that didn't deserve to qualify it would be Poland in my opinion. It falls to the same category with Georgia and Albania. She's good but the song and staging just dull. Diaspora perhaps?
Now  that I also saw Armenia for the first time on tv- screen and now I see what all the fuss is about. The song however is too weak to win this. It's a non-song. Cyprus also totally nailed it and if you check my previous post you can see I wanted to add it to my prediction list before the voting.
Australia wasn't that good tonight, let's be frank. He even hit that very weird note at one point. Now seeing the Azeri staging could someone explain it to me - I didn't get a thing??!!
What else can I say? That's about it.I got 8/10 in my prediction so I am pretty happy with that. Just very sour for Finland - but then again only Poland and maybe Cyprus could have been left out. But then Hovig did what he did tonight with the cameras... and can we forget both Greek and Armenian disapora for him him being of Armenian origin?
What else? Jamala was great, the opening act kinda useless. Verka Serduchka fab as always. The presenters were better than I expected really. Funny how Timur, the most experienced one seems to be the weakest link really. 
And there are so many wide camera angles and shot from afar like Iceland. I think that ruined it. The stage is gorgeous yes, but tiny little people get lost in it if you only show them from afar all the time. But that was for the delegations to decide.
Ok, end of my rant. I need to calm now after this disappointment as such it was this time. Really. Bad. 
And sorry for all the critic. As I said it was a tough one. It will be interesting to see the rankings next Saturday. Maybe we lost with one point? :-)
And I need to blame someone or something: the stupid break between Montenegro and Finland or Polish disapora..... I blame the break.
Oh, here are the allocations for the final:
First half: Moldova, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Poland, Armenia
Second half: Greece, Sweden, Australia, Cyprus, Belgium

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