Tuesday, May 09, 2017


One of Nathan Trent's backing singers and friends, Florian sent us this lovely message. But who is Florian? Let's copy-paste from Nathan's website:

Florian Sebastian Fitz
Florian is a 25 years old Actor, Singer and Songwriter who is currently living and working in Vienna, where he studied Musical Theater at the MUK Wien – together with Nathan. During his studies he appeared in a couple of short movies, musicals and plays. Also he managed to get himself an acting/modeling agency in Vienna. That way he made the jump from the stage to the screen and got his first minor role in an Austrian television film called “TATORT -Grenzfall” (director: Rupert Henning). Most recently he appeared in the Musical “Mozart” at the Shanghai Culture Square Theatre (director: Robert Wann). At the moment Florian is working on a big project with his brother. The Band is called “F I T Z” and they are going to release their debut single and video “Head in the Clouds” on September 1st, 2017.

He shares te stage with Vincent Bueno, Helena de Maertelaere and Art Demur.

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