Saturday, May 06, 2017


Jacques & Jacques. And the oddest duet in the Eurovision history maybe. He starts back turned to the audience talking to the camera and then keeps alternating his camera angles depending which voice he is using, even his jacket is divided into smoking and a leather jacket. He is also in the backdrop singing to himself. Everything is large from the images to stripes in his pants.... the strings break is hysterical. Then his backing singers enter the stage and pyros explode followed by rain of fire that makes sunflowers grow. I wonder how tv-audience seeing and hearing this for the first time will react? Will they be too confused to vote, or will they do just that in all it's absurdity?
But somehow it works and he doesn't miss a note. I don't think I will never listen to this again after the final, yes because I think this will make it, but it's a curious addition to the long list of weird acts in Eurovision...

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