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Valentina Monetta is doing another Blogilkar exclusive interview! Here is the English one (check out the original Italian here). If last year her song was the laughing stock of the season, this year she's among the hot fan favorites! How things change! Read here how she feels this time around, who her favorites are, what she thinks of Mengoni, how her stage presentation will be.... and all the rest! Enjoy! And listen Crisalide here.

Valentina, back to Eurovision! From Baku to Malmö it seems to most it's been a lifetime in between looking at you now but it's been only a year. How would you describe the change and did you ever think you made a mistake by accepting to sing The social network song?
Yes, in fact last year was like jumping from a plane without a parachute. But it was on opportunity to grow and live the knowledge that I have now after after all.
Honestly, how frustrating all the negative comments and bad words were last year?
It was quite devastating at first, but as they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm a very sensitive person but also an adult and I want to take some risks while searching for my serenity before I die. I don't mean one needs to take risky choices but at least take adventage of the opportunities that present themselves. Absolutely.
Do you think you and/or your team made something wrong last year, or is there something you would have done in a different way if possible? You all seem so much better organized and prepared this year.
To jump into a project built for another artist is not a good start. But I did jump into it and enjoyed it a lot. I treid to be as spontaneous as possible and find a way to make the most of the song with my performance. And then came The social network swing....
From scale from 1 to 10 how happy you are to sing Crisalide this year? What do you think about the song? Your first impressions when you heard it?
10... I feel it's spot on. A researched musical harmony.... and this melody is so close to my artistic maturity. Ralph Siegel's mature sound to the poetic lyrics of Mauro Balestri and my interpretation give life to Crisalide, like a breath of life. Being aware of the new awareness of the truth with the courage to face it, a positive message... tearing down all the barriers that don't let us believe in ourselves. The Beatles used to sing Let it be, I sing Vola! Wow...
Do you think it’s also kind of metaphor of your Eurovision adventures?
Absolutely! It's good to get a second chance....
This year everything seems so far so different. From the ”worst ever” to a ”certain qualifier” and one of the favorites this year by the fans. Did you expect such a change of heart? Does it scare you? Make you feel extra pressure and stress?
I expected a revaluation of myself... it happened and we can see the results. I'm so happy... and the responsibility is huge, I try to take this adventure to the end with the full concentration...
Do you think all this will lead to a qualification, even if San Marino does not have emigrant all over Europe to help it, or even Italy that isn’t voting in your semifinal?
I don't want to think, I only want to sing
If San Marino wins this year, what kind of contest would it host, and most importantly where would it be hosted? Have you joked about that I your team? And what’s the spirit among Sammarinese? Do they follow Eurovision and what do they think?
OMG if my dream should come reality! San Marino better to get ready for apocalyptic change! Of course we joke about it, but I also see some worried faces there....
What do you expect from your performance this year compared to Baku 2012?
More truth, more feeling...
You will sing in Italian this year and a song that highlights your vocal capacities much better; do you feel more yourself now?
I'm happy to sing finally a song that I can display my interpretation and artistic maturity
You told us right away you’d prefer to sing in Italian while the broadcaster apparently wanted you to sing the English or bilingual version. Was it had to convince them, and why is it so important to you to sing it in Italian?
Of course I can feel closer to what I sing when I sing in Italian. The English version sounds diferent because of the different way of pronouncing and opening your vocals, maybe it sounds more musical that theatral but it's ok. Crisalide is my prayer and I hope to sing it in every language possible one day...
What can we expect from the staging this year? Will there be athletes or dancers on stage or will you go for “less is more” and have all the focus on yourself?
Me, my light, my wings presented by two Sammarinese dancers, my red dress, my voice, my passion, my music....
How confident are you with this song?
It evokes emotions and I'm sure my message will reach people...
After Malmö 2013, where will artist named Valentina Monetta head to?
Oh God, I will go on and try to do a lot of beautiful things on the way....
Ralph Siegel is also having a big victory with this song after being, how to put it nicely? not so liked by the fans. Instead this year everybody seems to love his song again and he may have another Eurovision success to his credit. Will there be a third time?
Who knows? Never say never but I would think so.....
Last year you released also some remixes. Can we expect some this year, too?
There will be remixes.... also because I'm tormenting Ralph about them!
What do you think of Italy’s song and Marco Mengoni? You are neck to neck in various polls and do you think you can beat him in the final?
I like Mengoni and his lyrics. He has a lot of adventage by being already so popular and having such a following and it helps him.... but my song is like a butterfly that takes a flight, at least in the spiritual meaning....
Last year you named Nina Zilli and Anggun among your favorites in my exclusive interview. How about this year? Have you had time to get to know your competition?
Ukraine is very strong.... I like the sound of France, Austria.... the performance of the Danish, wow! The Netherlands....
You also said that you hope to travel more and speak better English after Baku 2012. How’s it with that?
After Baku few travels, a lot of studies. To speak better English I should live in London for awhile I think :-) … and I'm going there! Let's hope!
What do you dream of in life (not related to music and Eurovision)?
To find my peace. It's not easy....
To end three short questions from Blogilkar’s readers:
Do you really live in San Marino?
I was born and raised in San Marino, living outside with my passions
Do you wanna have cybersex again?
No cybersex for now....
Why on earth did you do it last year?
To shake things up a bit, to get out
Thank you Valentina once again for your time and good luck in Malmö 2013! Famous last words for the readers?
Thank you... and see you soon. Breath with me!

Special thanks to collaborating fans for the questions: Kalevi, Roberto, Ivan, Andreas, Luca, Yucel, Louis, Daniel, Yiorgos, Marco, Robert, Jack, Cristina, David and Timo!

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