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Tonight the show continues with half of the entries being performed and voted again. Tonight's super guest stars are Marco Mengoni with Tom Walker, Fiorella Mannoia and Riccardo Cocciante plus last year's hostess Michelle Hunziker who is always a pleasure to see. Mind you, I adore Virginia Raffaele and Claudio Bisio has his charm, too, but somehow at least last night they weren't that good. They were goofy and funny at times but with the same kind of goofiness and funniness that carries on for an hour, or max two. Not five full nights. Virginia is fabulous when doing her imitations but she didn't have a chance for that last night at all.... One can only wonder why? We should also have Sanremo hosting/artistic director legend Pippo Baudo making an appearance. 
This year's theme is "harmony" and indeed, everything was so harmonious and relaxed it got boring. This is a competition, where's the excitement and that little tension that will make it sparkle? A cat fight or two wouldn't be bad either but so far no juicy gossip backstage, no scandals, no... nothing. Just perfect harmony.... Even the songs are middle of the road blandness. And the demoscopic jury vote feels almost a joke: all the pre-contest favorites  on top (they were there even before the songs were heard thanks to media) and all the less known artists in bottom 8. Poor Mahmood singing last after 4 (four) hours of show late at night. No wonder he's in the bottom8 group.
If you watched last night and wondered why there was a delay with Patty Pravo and Briga, the explanation is a very natural one: the pianist went to have a pee....
And the viewing figures are down compared to last year with about 1,5 million viewers reaching only 10,8 million with share of 49,5%.

Achille Lauro – Rolls Royce *1/2
Ok, I admit. This sounds a bit better with the second hearing..... Still not my cup of tea but at least I find it now a bit entertaining rather than irritating. 
Einar – Parole nuove **
This one's not going anywhere. Pleasant but not much else. He also seems a bit nervous perhaps?
Il Volo – Musica che resta ***1/2
I still have the feling this song isnt going anywhere and then comes the boombastic finish. Mind you, I like Il Volo but this song misses the magic of Grande amore, We are love or catchiness of L'amore si muove. Maybe it's just me. 
Arisa – Mi sento bene ***
She's so wanting to do Eurovision shee has already thought which song from her new album could be an alternative entry for this one should she get the job. This song is kinda fun but leaves me still a bit cold. And I'm a big Arisa fan. And oh what? Did she just sort of forget the lyrics for a moment?!
Promotion for her new album next by Fiorella Mannoia..... and the obligatory duet with Baglioni.
Nek – Mi farò trovare pronto ***
Nek is another artist that I have followed for years, since In te actually and he has written such great hits but somehow this one's not up there among the best ones. Maybe it's the arrangement that I find kinda boring, not rock not pop. maybe he was afraid to repeat Fatti avanti if he did it more electronic? Anyways, this feels a bit demo-ish.... 
Enter The Legend Pippo Baudo
Daniele Silvestri – Argentovivo ***
I still think this is a bit of musical number, or theater. But effective, powerful story telling. Not something I would listen to at home but fits here.
Oh Michelle Hunziker entered with a telephone joke. Funny as always. How comes she comes across funnier still than Virginia.... Hmmm?
Ex-Otago – Solo una canzone*
Just likee the title suggests: it's just a song. A very boring one, too. I though they were some sort of indie rock band and they have this most possible middle-of-the-road song? I don't get it....
Marco Mengoni with Tom Walker singing Hola The best song heard in this festival so far.....
.... followed by obligatory sing-a-long with Bagliomi after Mengoni did a bit of L'Essenziale
Ghemon – Rose viola **
This song has somewhat beautiful melody but that's just about it. Not sure about his vocals and the whole thing. Indeed he apparently wrote this song to some other artist.... maybe it would have been better that way?
Loredana Bertè – Cosa ti aspetti da me *****
Still my favorite this year I suppose. I loved her Amici non ne ho and finally she's got another Sanremo goodie. Very catchy, actualy this was playing in my head already today after hearing it onc last night! Note her little bag!
Oh wow, huge standing ovation!
Paola Turci – L’ultimo ostacolo ****
I like this a lot more than first hearing. Elegant, melodic and credible. 
After that Virginia finally got to shine doing what she does best .-)
Cocciante. A legend.
Negrita – I ragazzi stanno bene *1/2
Still not feling this simil pop
Federica Carta e Shade – Senza farlo apposta **
Radio pop, pleasant but not much more. 

Tonight's partial result (30%) is the press center vote....

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