Monday, February 11, 2019


Ultimo may say whatever he wants but Mahmood's Soldi hits #1 in Italian Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic and enters Top40 in Global Spotify. And that's not all, he almost broke an all time Spotify record in Italy with 1.481.036 streams within 24 hours, only 118.217 shy of rappers Sfera Ebbasta and Ghali's record on May 4, 2018. 
Not only Soldi enters the chart but also his previous tracks Gioventù bruciata (#23), Uramaki (#61), Anni '90 (#75), Milano Good vibes (#108), Asia occidentale (#130) and Mai figlio unico (#174), basicly all songs released by him so far. 
Meanwhile Ultimo keeps burning bridges after his explosion and bad behaviour in the press conference post-festival where he basicly sent all the press to hell to fu*ck themselves and called Mahmood "that boy" and continued with insults in social media and didn't show up in Sunday's Domenica In, where most everyone was attented. For the first time ever the paper TV Sorrisi e Canzoni also features in its cover only the winner and third placed Il Volo instead of the top-3, as he didn't show up.  And now it seems he's turning down other appearances in radio and television as well. Have fun digging your own grave. 
He has demanded a change of rules and that has caused a huge discussion in Italy but hey, you signed up with these rules so accept them, no? Besides, the exact same rules made you the winner last year in Newcomers! They didn't trouble you then, did they? Grow up and shut up, ok?
Another big, very sad, thing has been a post-festival wave of racism and homophobic comments on Mahmood, that I'm not going to get into more than this. Luckily Mahmood's been approaching both matters with extreme maturity and dignity really underlining what a spoiled brat Ultimo is behaving like.
In other news Mahmood has taken back his instant Yes! for Eurovision, but that may be just due to the fact he hasn't really had time to concentrate on what it really means now, and he certainly wasn't expecting that when he has an album coming out March 1, and the world tour with the other Sanremo Giovani top-6 coming up as well. I'm sure it all will be re-organized and he will be the One.
PS. He's also in iTunes in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Ireland, Brazil.....

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