Friday, February 08, 2019


Tonight's the duets night and there are so many guest stars you don't know where to start but we have among them Eurovision veterans Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro and Enricco Ruggeri. And one wonders where is Francesco Gabbani, missing already two years?! The only non dueting star in competition is rocker Luciano Ligabue. All 24 songs will be performed again, as duets and propably different arrangement.
Last night the festival finally found its rhythm and it was a lot more pleasant to watch despite many intervals, as they were better and rather entertaining. Mostly. Ornella Vanoni Vs. Virginia Raffaele is already a tv history. The tribute to Mia Martini was also very welcome and the other guests did a good job but the viewing figures are a bit down: 46,7% or 9,4 million. 

.... and tonight's winner is....
Motta & Nada 
(audience.booing in theater....)

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