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From over 1.000 submissions down to 198 by an expert panel, then down to 20 by international jury for the Workshop. Apparently five acts didn't take part in the process even if chosen due personal or other reasons, and same further acts wished to remain anonymous - at least until they were chosen....
On Novembr 8, 2018 the six finalists were announced, three of them being among the originally named ones plus three names out of the blue.
The winner of Unser Lied für Israel be chosen by televote, 100 members of Eurovision panel and international jury of 20 members who have been involved in selecting the entry of their own country. The Eurovision panel has been involved in the process from the beginning and includes members from all over Europe and are fans etc. 

Aly Ryan
BB Thomaz
Gregor Hägele
Daniel Schuhmacher
Diana Schneider
Dimi Rompos
Nicole Cross
Nina Kutschera
Sebastian Schub Iwithdraw)
Thilo Berndtand
Linus Bruhn
Lilly among Clouds

On mid Nomember the songwriters attending the songwriting camp were revealed including several interesting names starting with Finnish Axel Ehnström (aka Paradise Oskar, ESC 2011), Danish Thomas Steengaard (co-writer of Eurovision winner Only teardrops and last year's German entry You let me walk alone), Danish Tim Schou of Friend in London fame (ESC 2011), Norwegian Laila Samuelsen aka Samuels, Nisse Ingwersen and Nina Muller, co-authors of You let me walk alone. Other foreign names include Americans Kristine Bogan, Andrew Tyler and Michael Ochs as well as Kevin Jones, Richard Judge, Oliver Som and Duncan Townsend from UK, Tamara Olorga from Austria and Jonas Shandel from Canada. German authors include Steven Bashir, Ricardo Bettiol, Marcus Brosch, Lucas Droese, David Jurgens, Michelle Leonard, Dennir Neuer, Tom Olbrich, Tim Uhlenbrock and of course all the artists who can also work their own songs, and songs outside the workshop will be also considered. Each artist selects one song for the final.

Finally in January the competing songs were announced, with addition of Sisters to the line up:

Aly Ryan: Wear Your Love 
(Aly Ryan, Michelle Leonard, Thomas Stengaard, Tamara Olorga)
BB Thomaz: Demons 
(BB Thomaz, Andrew Tyler, Ricardo Bettiol, Tim Schou)
Gregor Hägele: Let me go 
(Gregor Hägele, Jonas Shandel, David Jürgens, Tamara Olorga)
lilly among clouds: Surprise 
(Elisabeth Brüchner, Udo Rinklin)
Linus Bruhn: Our City 
(Linus Bruhn, Dave Roth, Pat Benzner, Serhat Sakin, Simon Reichardt)
Makeda: The Day I Loved You Most 
(Makeda, Tim Uhlenbrock, Kelvin Jones, Kristine Bogan)
Sisters: Sister 
(Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbacher, Tom Oehler, Thomas Stengaard)

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