Sunday, August 27, 2017


After a long but entertaining evening from Castrocaro Terme here's who's maybe the next big thing in Italy. 
The Castrocaro festival had a four member jury; Sanremo winners Giò Di Tonno and Silvia Mezzanotte, conductor and producer Fio Zanotti and DJ and talent scout Claudio Cecchetto. Each had one vote after each duel and in case of a tie Cecchetto's vote would determinate, him being the chairman.
Duels? Yes, the duesl were sorted out live just before the performances when the presenters Marco Liorni and Rossella Brescia picked up a balls from the lottery macchine. Then the two chosen ones presented their cover songs, each cover was by an artist that had participated in Castrocaro in the past. A lovely way to remember those who's started it right here and went on having amazing careers.
Greta was drawn out first and the singer her assigned was Zucchero. The faith also put the two groups against each other in third duel; a boy band and female trio.

Greta Doveri  - Con le mani (Zucchero) Vs. Flaminia Mazzella - Se telefonando (Nek)
Greta wins 4-0. This blogger agrees.

Vito Romanazzi - La forza della vita (Paolo Vallesi) Vs. Giulia Toschi - Non voglio mica la luna (Fiordaliso)
Vito wins 4-0. This blogger agrees.

i Metrò - Un'estate al mare (Giuni Russo) Vs. La Dolce Vita - Uguale a lei (Laura Pausini)
La Dolce Vita wins 3-1. Oh, really? 

Raffaele Manganiello - Cinque giorni (Zarrillo) Vs. Andrea Tortolano - Come si cambia (Fiorella Mannoia)
Andrea wins 4-0. Andrea is here for the second year in the final.

Raimondo Cataldo - Se adesso te ne vai (Massimo Di Cataldo Vs. Simona Farris - Sono bugiarda (Caterina Caselli)
Simona wins 3-1. Meh. 
Luigi Salvaggio - Nord Sud Ovest Est  (883) Vs. Stephanie Niceforo - Fuoco nel fuoco (Eros Ramazzotti)
Luigi wins 4-0. Ok.

Time for the Saves: By the Radio Jury is i Metrò! Another one is by the orchestra: Stephanie.

And the duels go on (the first one picked up can choose against whom he will go) and they perform their own songs:

Luigi Salvaggio - Il silenzio delle stelle Vs. Greta Doveri - Aria  3-1
Vito Romanazzi - Marta Vs. Andrea Tortolano - Il primo contatto 3-1
Andrea got harsh critic for being too Mengoni and he ever took his chance to address the tv-audience: Nothing stops me!
Stephanie Niceforo - Vivo Vs. La Dolce Vita - Fili di luce  1-3
i Metrò - Via d'uscita Vs. Simona Farris - No!  3-1
Time for the guest star, Ivana Spagna! With a medley of her hits.

Before the winner chosen by the jury a special award was given to the "most radio friendly" song and it went to... Greta Doveri!
The winner is Luigi Salvaggio! He also gets a record deal and chance to make a video.

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