Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Stiko Per Larsson has won P4 Nästä 2017 and becomes the first confirmed act for any national final for the Eurovision song contest 2018. Let the season begin now with first internally selected artists being announced before the new year, as well as lists of artists and songs to take part in the coming national finals. Portugal here we come....

But back to Stiko. He will follow the (not so fortunate so far) footsteps of previous Svensktoppen Nästa aka P4 Nästä winners that have got the free ride to Melodifestivalen semifinals. He's 38 and he plays acoustic rock with a lot of folk thrown in, and in Swedish. He has already released five albums since 2008 but he is most known for his walking tours; he walks performing with his guitar for shelter and food from one place to another and along the way collects money for the children in need. His walking tours have taken him from south to north, from west to east, from Trondheim to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Walk, play & sing for the good cause. It will be interesting to see if he walks to Lisbon next..... It would be totally different for Sweden for sure, with a good back story. Have a listen below what he's all about. This blogger approves. 

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