Friday, March 31, 2017


Italy has revealed it's team on stage in Kyiv's Eurovision. Italy is by far the biggest pre-contest favorite to win it by bookmakers and fans alike, maybe the biggest ever as far as I can remember. Not even Loreen's Euphoria was welcomed with such euphoria as Occidentali's Karma. Let's see if the good karma brings Italy its third victory....
Francesco Gabbani and his ape (choreographer and dancer Filippo Ranaldi) will have four backing singers: Francesco's brother Filippo Gabbani. also co-writer of the song. Then there will be Chantal Saroldi aka Chanty, that one might remember from Sanremo 2015 Newcomers, Nausicaa Magarini, who has participated in both The Voice of Italy and Sanremo Giovani without much success but has toured with legendary, now retired Milva. And finally Daniele Sari, familiar from Italy's Got Talent and for his love for 50's music and rockabilly that he performs with his band all over Italy for example. 

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