Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Yesterday San Mrino RTV's Director General Carlo Romeo, besides giving us details on their artists and participation in the Eurovision song contest 2017, ccommented the fact EBU has not answered or commented in anyway their proposal to solve the televoting problem (more here and here) in the tiny country.

No news, and I'm sorry to say so. Not even the good taste or good manners by EBU of an email, yet it was a perfectly sensible proposal that would put an end to a stupid and vicious discrimination against San Marino. To double the annual fee of the Small States however there has been a lot of attention but even colleagues of the Italian subsidiary following this sector hasn't said a thing, I do not say to consult us but only even to tell us the decision beforehand. It's really sad that small states are considered at this level by Ebu. We'll see after Eurovision what to do next.

Today EBU has finally responded with a letter to Romeo, rejecting, in fact, the proposals made by the broadcaster of the Republic of San Marino State last November.

Anyways, San Marino's participation in the Eurovision song contest 2017 is happening, with two artists once again; one being from the European Union, the other not. Considering San Marino is not part of European Union one could be from the state but I suppose not. Unless it's Irol MC. Serhat featuring Irol? ;-p

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