Monday, March 20, 2017


This year the Eurovision song contest is a very young one what comes to participants ages. Bulgaria's Kristian Koslov is the youngest, and the very first Eurovision song contest artist born in the 2000's. He just turned 17 on March 15. But the oldest one isn't old at all: San Marino's Valentina Monetta just turned 42 on the March 1 and seems to be the oldest of them all proving the fact age is just a number! 
Divided in decades we have 2000's one, 1990's 22, 1980's 23 and 1970's two (Svala besides Valentina). *
The most populated years are 1991 (Levina, Lucie Jones, Demy, Imri, Alex and Navi band's Ksienija)* and Carola won Eurovision song contest in Rome....
... followed by 1989 (Hovig, Lindita, Julia, Dihaj, Jowst, Salvador)* with six each. Now no more existing Yogoslavia won the contest that year....
1995 comes next with five artists born .(Timebelle's Emanuel and Miruna, O'G3NE's Shelley and Amy, Anja) (*When writing this i I miss the dates of the guys in Triana Park, most of O. Torvals, Fusedmarc and Jimmie Wilson but it seems they are in their 30s anyways)

It's also a very even year what comes to division between female and male artists: 17 female soloists versus 14 male soloists. I wonder if it has ever been this even? Then we have 5 female/male duos, one female and one male trio, two trios with a female and two males, one male duo and two groups only. If we listen to the singing only it's 22 female voices versus 17 male voices plus 4 mixed duets.

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