Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Pictured is the Netherlands national flower tulip

OG3NE aka the sister trio Lisa, Amy & Shelley Vol (aged 21-22) were internally chosen to represent The Netherlands this year. The song Lights and shadows was announced later, it's written by Rick Vol (their father) and Rory De Kievit. 

The trio is no stranger to Eurovision as they already did the Junior Eurovision ten years ago. Later they made themselves known in The Voice of Holland that they won. They have released three albums, the latest released in fall 2016 hitting #1 in the Dutch charts. 

The song is based on various harmonies with their voices and the girls sure can sing well together and have pretty voices. But the song is so 80's American nonsense, they could have done so much better I suppose. I'm bored already after the first chorus and it doesn't get any better and for me it's a very long three minutes. Uninteresting, boring, unoriginal and highly forgettable. With a good staging this could come alive though. Maybe. Propably not. Therefor 2/10

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