Sunday, March 12, 2017


This is one very happy blogger; after the international jury votes my only three songs I liked were the top-3, and even after the televotes they were 1st, 2nd and 4th. Whatever happened to the fan wanks Wiktoria, Ace and Lisa (and Loreen)... I can only giggle. Feeling any wet slaps in face euroboys?
Anyways, like I wrote before Robin, Nano and Mariette had the best song+staging combo, and I'm also pleased for Jon Henrik's third place. I'd love to have liked him more but the song left me a bit numb, even if Sami culture would have made a nice addition to Eurovision and should return again sooner or later; from Sweden, Norway or Finland...
However it seems Melodifestivalen is getting to a turning point. All final songs were within 6,2-11,9% of the televotes so there was no real favorite for the great public. The highest scoring for them was Nano followed very closely by Wiktoria and Robin. As for the international juries Robin was a clear winner, followed by Nano, Mariette and surprise Benjamin Ingrosso. The rest were far behind.
Sweden brings again a very catchy pop tune with a memorable staging. Another top-5 in sight....

1. Robin Bengtsson - I can't go on (juries 96+televote 50= 146)
2. Nano - Hold on (76+57=133)
3. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat Aninina - En värld full av strider (56+49=105)
4. Mariette - A million years (62+37=99)
5. Benjamin Ingrosso - Good lovin' (54+33=87)
6. Wiktoria - As I lay me down (29+51=80)
7. Ace Wilder - Wild child (35+32=67)
8. Boris René - Her kiss (35+31=66)
9. Lisa Ajax - I don't give a (16+30=46)
10. Anton Hagman - Kiss you goodbye (6+37=43)
11. FO&O - Gotta thing about you (7+34=41)
12. Owe Thörnqvist - Boogieman blues (1+32=33)

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