Friday, March 10, 2017


... but what? After just hearing Montenegrin sexual space fantasy Brendan comes across as a innocent Catholic school virgin dying to try.... Oh well. Got to get that out of my mind. Ireland's own Michele Bravi, what comes to singing style and voice, delivers a tender ballad that builts up to chorus filled climax. Courageous choice as the easy way out would have been some nonsense pop tune. Well done. I rather have one of these than a dozen Lisa Ajaxes. The video then is a striking contrast to Israel's beach party one, here Brendan is walking along the way Marco Mengoni did in his Icelandic one, looking cold and lost. This song's a grower and I like it already!

Take a leap of faith with me
I know you're scared, and so am I
And there ain't no guarantee
That you and me won't fail
But I'm dying to try
I'll keep you safe in my arms
Build a bridge to your heart every day

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