Saturday, March 04, 2017


Sweden will have its melodifestivalen Andra chansen aka second chance tonight. Winners of each duel will join the previously qualified top-2 from each semifinal earlier. Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen is back to this round just like in her debut when she didn't make it. Her Statements didn't quite convince televoters yet. Let's see what happens tonight. This blogger would just leave it here to be honest, if only she wasn't against Hagman... Sigh. Same goes for FO&O, not good at all but better than De Vet Du. Axel beats Lisa in my books easily, and Boris the Swedish washed out version of UMK17's Club La Persé. Anyways, the weakest and most uninteresting Andra chansen in history....

Felix, Oscar & Omar /FO&O - Gotta thing about you Vs. De Vet Du - Roadtrip
Axel Schylström - När ingen ser Vs. Lisa Ajax - I don't give a
Boris René - Her kiss Vs. Dismissed - Hearts align
Anton Hagman - Kiss you goodbye Vs. Loreen - Statements

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