Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Pictured is Belarusian national flower Common flax

NaviBand won the Belarusian national final on January 20. They won the juryvote but the televoters only placed them 5th but it was enough to secure their win ahead of Nuteki, who was just behind of them in both votes while the other votes spread all over the place. 

NaviBand aka Arciom Lukjanienka (25) and Ksienija Žuk (26) already tried to get to Eurovision last year but finished 4th in the national final. Now they won and are quite popular in the pre-contest polls. They have been making music together for four years have just released their third album. All their music is performed in Belarusian language and this Eurovision entry makes no difference. 

The song? Well, thankfully it's in native language and it's not some Mello reject. But it's shouty and not the right kind of shouty like Ruslana's Wild dances was. I'm not a fan. I know I'd like to like this a lot more than I do but I can't. I find this a bit messy and irritating, like if they are in a terrible rush to get somewhere but they always lose the way when they start shouting around instead. 2/10

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