Saturday, March 11, 2017


After a very long selection the final is finally here.... Some goodies made it this far and just once when it looked the horrid nonsense Get frighten was out of the picture they introduced an online wildcard round and that joke of an entry is back. And propably wins, too, when Lithuania finally could have had a quality entry. Like Greta. Or Gabrielius. Or Aisté. Sigh. On the other hand the jury sems to love Fusedmarc and I can only wonder why? I totally fail to see or hear its greatness... 
My ideal top-3 would be Gabrielius, Greta and Aisté. Either of the G's winning :-)

Paula - Let U go
Aisté Pilvelyté - I'm like a wolf
Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė - Love shadow
Fusedmarc - Rain of revolution
Gabrielius Vagelis - Feel myself free
Greta Zazza - Like I love you
Gytis Ivanauskas - Get frighten

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