Friday, March 10, 2017


First reaction: WTF? Second reaction: Love love love! This is great in so many levels I don't know where to start. First the questionable English pronunciation to start with. It's so trashy and weirdly exiting it's great in the end. The lyrics then... do I need to explain? I just can't wait for the staging.... and I mean that being both a bit scared and weirdly excited.... Oh and those horns in the arrangement! Love love love again. 
Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender
Come in to me from within
We can be as one in the sin
The spaceship is ready to blow
Drunk in love I’m gonna explode
Let’s explore this galaxy of stars
I have my suit on, no need to worry
Show me your super powers,
I’m Venus and Mars of the hour
I’ll protect you if you come my way
Let’s soar through the Milky Way

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