Sunday, March 05, 2017


Portugal returns to Eurovision after a year when they were supposed to study the matter and bring Festival da canção to the 2000's (2010's would be pushing it a bit too far..) but instead we got lovely mostly acoustic Portuguese songs that have absolutely nothing to do with Eurovision and no effort whatsoever to try to fit the formula. And I love it! That's how it should be in every country!
t first glance it may look the jury and the televoters did a lot of disagreement in the semifinals but a closer look underlines the fact they pretty much agreed after all. With some exceptions though. In the first semi the jury pushed Deolinda though when televoters only placed her second to last. In the second one the televoters made Pedro to qualify as their favorite number one when the jury only had him second to last as well... 
For the final the jurors are out but next to the televote there are the regional juries.... 
Salvador Sobral who has hopefully recovered from his hernia problems seems to be the biggest favorite and indeed it's a wonderful song. Or was his squirming and moving around like possessed in his pains during the semifinal that added some extra to it? On the other hand the rather horrid Viva la Diva scored the highest points in the semifinals.... 

Fernando Daniel - Poema a dois
Deolinda Kinzimba - O que eu vi nos meus sonhos
Salvador Sobral - Amar pelos dois
Viva la Diva - Nova glória
Lena D'Agua - Nunca me foi embora
Pedro Gonçalves - Don't walk away
Celina Da Piedade - Primavera
Jorge Benvinda - Gente bestial

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