Sunday, March 26, 2017


Pictured above is also poppy, Albania's national flower

Lindita Hamili (28) was the first chosen artist and song this year when she won the Festivali i Këngës on December 23, 2016 with clear numbers. She sung in Albanian of course, and it took months before Botë was transformed into World, but this time the song hasn't gone major changes but the language, refreshed arrangement, mixing and fitting it into the 3 minutes rule. The song is written by Klodian Qafoku and Gerard Xhari.

Lindita was born in Kosovo and has made her career through various talent shows from Albanian Idol to American Idol passing through local Top Fest that she has won twice, and other talent shows. Her first attempt in the Albanian selection was in 2009 and then again two year's ago finishing then third. She has released 15 singles since 2007 but no album yet. 

The song is yet another ballad, like some would say. For once it makes no difference if it's in Albanese or in English, I don't get it either way. The piano in the beginning is wonderful, but when the song progress I like it less and less just like her voice gets louder and the notes longer. Sadly I don't even like her voice particularly even if she does belt out some notes. I think it's very messy from the half way through with the choir and not going really anywhere. If it's a metaphora of today's world that is a mess then she really nails it. But it's not for me. Therefor only 1/10

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