Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Finnish media reports the controversial Russian Eurovision song contest artist Julia Samoylova is in Finland at the moment and will stay until the end of the week. Apparently she wass operated here already last fall, and in undergoing further treatments and check ups. She chose Finland because the doctors here are better than in Russia.

"Finland has the best statistics in these kind of operations, and people don't die after them. They don't take unnecessary risks. I have talked to other people with similiar conditions and thought it over for a long time and chose them in the end" she tells. "I have a lot of spare time here so I will listen to the other songs."

As for her participation EBU stated yesterday they have no problem but understand Ukraine has its laws. However the final decision to let her into the country depends on Ukraine alone. Their decision. Samoylova could be fined and let in. Or let's see how this ends....

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