Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Obrigazo Portugal, grazie Italia, köszönöm Magyarországon and дзякуй Беларусі! 

Only four countries this year rely on their own national language: Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Belarus. France and Spain both have added English to their song and Croatia some Italian to the otherwise English mix. 
That's quite a drop from 2013 when 17 songs were not in English, but then in 2014 the change came when only four did so (plus four mixed ones), in 2015 five (and two mixed ones) and last year three (and five mixed ones).
I throw in an idea: When Eurovision has its 65th edition let's make it special: Bring back the language rule for one year. If United Kingdom or Ireland wins again, you can then drop it for good, the point is proven for once and for all. No excuses. 
All this said 2017 could be the year when non English song will win for the first time since Helsinki 2007's Serbian Molitva... Maybe. 

*We can't forget that United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Malta also sing in their official language, only it being English but hey, that doesn't count really in this case, does it?

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